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we just don't give a f*ck

Epik High- Breakdown (Supreme Remix)
Tick tock, tick tock
And in this time
When I set it off
Can nobody stop it in time?
I’m like a B-52
When I’m droppin’ a rhyme
I’m tired of beefing wit’ you
Cock-blockin my shine
So stop talkin’
And find another place to play
Before I Travolta your face away
Get your hands high
Before ya’ take my grace away
Like a vampire you don't want to face the day
I'll make you break away
Like tires slippin' in the rain
You'll be drippin’ in your shame
When your sinking in the drain
A bomb is tickin’ in my veins
I be thinkin’ I’m insane
I suggest that you best rest
Pickin’ in my brain
Get the fuck outta here
Or duck outta fear
Cuz my flow is an 8-ton truck outta gear
Yeah I heard your album
Get your junk out my ear
You’re the d-d- dumb fuck of the year

We just don’t give a fuck
We just don’t give a fuck
We just don’t give a fuck
So fuck ya’ll (up)
Break it down

(DAMN) You should welcome me back
(DAMN) It’s been a long time.
(DAMN) We go rappin’ it best that we can.
A lotta’ shit to repeat to me

(DAMN) You should welcome me back
(DAMN) It’s been a long time.
(DAMN) We go rappin’ it best that we can.
Uh -
B-b-b-reak it down like this!

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online shopping

i've become addicted.
esp. to wholesale-dress.net
i check it everyday
to look at their new items...
heck, i'm on it right now!
the clothes are so pretty....
so cheap too T^T
how can i resist...
i have a whole list ready
dont know when to show my parents,
before or after grades come out : P
hehe maybe i should take some stuff off
the list... its already $153 OTL
oh well. i wanna order stuff soon~~
summer come sooner!!

to anime or not to anime...

that is the question.
when i was in middle school i loved it
of course this was back in the
fullmetal alchemist, bleach days
but in high school i moved on
to dramas and asian music
and now i just have no time for dramas : /
but now i have an otaku bf....
and my sister is a hardcore otaku too
it makes it hard to keep up sometimes
even though he says its okay
or he doesnt mind if i dont watch
i still feel like i should
i tried but i just think about
their squeaky voices!!!!
They drive me nuts!!!
okay, i'm good.
its just all that vocaloid crap
pisses me off so bad
maybe cause i've spent the past 3
years loathing anime and such
i just cant get back into it


I love JJ Lin

I really love jj Lin
Whenever I'm sad
even if I'm just blah
I listen to him
and I feel so mellowed out
I wish I could always feel like this.
so relaxed....
listening to his album Sixology
I've listened to it so many times
Each song is so powerful
I love all of them
Right now it's Drunk Red Cliff
:) so happy

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